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building futures


Higher Ground leaders interact with the youth by building lasting relationships. This allows the youth to have a mentor or guide to talk about what the youth are going through in their lives. These interactions help the youth stay on track with their goals and learn how to deal with difficult situations.

Educational Support

As part of Higher Ground’s future facility, classroom space will be designated for educational classes and support. Higher Ground’s mentors will be available to help youth focus on their education, follow-through on their school commitments, and address any subjects or school-related challenges they are facing.

Job Training

Another key element of Higher Ground’s youth programs will involve structured, planned work opportunities supervised by adults. These opportunities will vary in type and skill level to offer each child the chance to experience the realities involved with maintaining a job. 


The main purpose of these work opportunities will be to teach job-oriented habits and values that enhance the chances for success in life: being on time, pride in work well done, taking responsibility and being accountable, working cooperatively with others, following directions, and taking initiative.

Reality Check

Reality Check
Reality Check
Reality Check
Reality Check

Higher Ground is proud to partner with Reality Check OC  in addressing a subject that not many people feel comfortable tackling.


Youth and teens face an ever-increasing push to be sexually active by movies, magazines, social media, as well as peer pressure. 


Reality Check is empowering students and their parents with the tools they need to make wise choices amidst all the media chaos!

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