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Classes & Programs


Art has been proven to help people in multiple aspects such as memory, relieve stress, improve creativity, help mental illnesses, and more. It is the expression of one's self in personal ways. Most individuals think they are not creative, so at Higher Ground we help students discover their creative side.


One of our leaders started a GoFundMe to collect money for ukuleles for our youth. She has been spending the summer teaching the children how to play and read music. Another leader teaches the children other instruments and the basics of music such as beat, tempo, and rhythm. 


Higher Ground has an amazing group of leaders that teach these children the basics of filming, editing, and more. 

Educational Support

Higher Ground offers tutoring and other educational support to students during the school year. The students we serve typically go to Lincoln (Abraham) Elementary School which was considered a low performing school in 2010. Most of the students are learning English as a second language.

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