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TEEN Advisory board


Teen Advisory Board

A Teen Advisory Board was formed in this quarter to provide teens a place to express their opinions, contribute with ideas, and volunteer at Higher Ground.  The Teens Advisory Board meets weekly to assist developing and implementing programs which serve local teens and the community and create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for teens.

The goal is to provide a place where teens feel free to contribute and to let them know that their contribution is accepted, acknowledged, and appreciated.




We are using the five steps of the experiential learning model

    1. Experience: youth are involved in an active, hands-on team or individual activity.
    2. Share: youth discuss what they did and felt.
    3. Process: youth discuss common experiences or insights.
    4. Generalize: youth relate the experience to real-life situations.
    5. Apply youth use what they discovered to change their behavior or attitude in a new or similar situation.


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