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human trafficking prevention program

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At Higher Ground, we work to instill strong interpersonal skills in the local youth, as well as a sense of responsibility to themselves and those around them. One way to accomplish this goal is to engage with them through various team sports, which provide multiple opportunities for these youth to learn teamwork, accountability and achievement, all while experiencing the positive effects of a healthy, active lifestyle.


Higher Ground’s future facility will include several playing fields for these sports activities, as well as a clubhouse where all are welcome to participate in various games and creative activities. In addition, youth will be paired with a mentor who can provide them with personal assistance, guidance, education, and training.


For more information about getting involved as a Higher Ground coach or volunteer, please contact

The Reality of Human Trafficking

Focus on Prevention

There is very little prevention going on in this area. Most services combatting this problem occur downstream and success is extremely low to reintegrate victims after such severe trauma. This is why prevention is so integral to the safety of our community. We work to educate our students by equipping them with facts and real-world scenarios which empower them to make choices that keep themselves and others safe.

Evidence-Based Approach

Higher Ground’s Human Trafficking Prevention Program

Higher Ground has always taken direction from field experts, and our Human Trafficking Prevention Program is no exception. Our curriculum is based on the 10 Best Practices for CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) Prevention Programs compiled by Dr. Shay Sorrells of the Orangewood Foundation. We are constantly evolving to address the ever-changing landscape of human trafficking by incorporating feedback from community partners, field experts, educators, our speakers, and our students.


We take pride in the impact that our curriculum has on our students. In a 2021 quantitative evaluation of our program’s learning outcomes, 95-99% of our students reported that they felt informed about trafficking and that they would be able to handle the situation if it was faced by them or a friend. This represents a roughly 25-30 percentage point gain when compared to their knowledge level before the program. With the quality of our program continually increasing, we are confident that these trends will continue to improve.

  • Approximately 40 million people are trafficked worldwide. 

  • Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar per year criminal enterprise. 

  • 300,000 children are sexually exploited each year. 

  • Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the United States. 

  • Human trafficking is the #2 problem in Orange County behind homelessness.

  • 88% of trafficking victims in Orange County are victims of sex trafficking. 

  • Minors represent 28% of all recorded human trafficking victims in Orange County. 

  • Social media has become the #1 way that traffickers connect with and groom their victims. 

  • 42% of victims report that their trafficker groomed them and gained their trust within 1 month.


“You were a gift to my students and provided a fantastic - energetic day of education. I would love to continue partnering with you! I am so inspired by all Higher Ground is doing. I think you all have incredible hearts and are doing very important work! Look forward to having you back!” 

- Shannon Bennett, High School Health Teacher at Rancho Alamitos HS. 

“I think I need to stay more safe with social media.” 

-anonymous student

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