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field trips

Higher Ground participants also find time to hit the road and explore the local community! Whether it's a visit to a local company, going to the movies, a day at the beach, or a trip to a local sports camp, Higher Ground field trips offer youth the opportunity to experience new, interesting, and fun activities.

Sailing Trips

We are so lucky that the LA Maritime Institute brings some of our campers on their ships with the TopSail program! They learn all about sailing and even get a ride on a tall ship. It's always a fun day on the water!

Etiquette Night

Etiquette Night was a blast on the night of December 7th at Lincoln Elementary! The teachers had the 6th graders create Italian themed mats and art for the tables and taught the basics of dining etiquette. The children served their parents water, salad, and pasta. Higher Ground hosted the meal to further our mission to provide a solid foundation in good manners, which are key to developing strong social skills. 

Snow Day

Holiday Shop

The Higher Ground star is in full holiday mode! Each Friday in December we have offered our youth items for them to "buy" with their HG Bucks that would make great holiday gifts for their family and friends. This not only encourages good behavior to earn the bucks but also reinforces the act of giving versus receiving. It's been a huge success! Our kids have been very excited while shopping and have left the store with many wrapped purchases.

Higher Ground Field Trips

Beach Field Trips

Field Trips to the Fair

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