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Fill out an adult or minor (under 18) volunteer application and return them to:

Frequently asked questions

Does Higher Ground offer college credit?

Yes! Higher Ground offers college credit at some colleges and universities. Check with your school to see if you can.

I have a talent/skill that I want to bring to Higher Ground.

Contact us to see if we currently offer your talent as a program/class.

What times are Higher Ground open?

During the summer, we are open from 12 pm to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. During the school year, we go from to 2 pm to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. We would love for you to come and visit us! Make sure to let us know if you do want to visit so we can give you a proper tour.

I haven't been contacted back yet.

We're very sorry about that! Our staff is very busy and always needs an extra hand. If it has been more than a few weeks, and you haven't heard from us, please contact us again. hopefully we will be able to get back to you sooner.

What is Higher Ground like?

Higher Ground Youth & Family Services is a non-profit organization that engages at-risk youth. The children are typically from second grade up to sixth grade. Our summer program offers a teen program for those 13 years old and older. During the summer, we feed the children lunch, snack, and dinner. In between meals, we have a schedule full of many different activities and programs. Our summer schedule of classes relies heavily on what our leaders are willing to teach. During the school year, we offer tutoring and homework help.

I have other questions, comments, and/or concerns.

Contact us at with any questions, comments, or concerns. We love getting feedback to help make our program better.

Can I intern at Higher Ground?

Yes! Contact us at for more information on our internship opportunities.