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CSUF Sorority, Tau Theta Pi, Donates School Supplies to Higher Ground

Thanks to staff member Yesenia Cruz, a Cal State Fullerton student and Tau Theta Pi sister, Higher Ground is partnering with Tau Theta Pi this school year to help the sisterhood meet their philanthropy goals.

Philanthropy is a huge part of Tau Theta Pi. On a regular bases, the group visits retirement and convalescent homes. Looking to add something to their philanthropic efforts, Yesenia suggested bringing her Higher Ground community and Tau Theta Pi community together.

The girls used their funds to buy school supplies for our Higher Ground youth and also made amazing desserts for our Higher Ground store. Our founder, Joe Baldo was also invited to speak to the girls at their philanthropy night event and had the opportunity to share the origins of Higher Ground.

We were happy to have several of the sisters volunteer at Higher Ground so they could see the fruits of their labor. The girls worked our weekly Higher Ground store where they had the chance to sell their baked goods to the kids who had earned HG Bucks that week for their good behavior, and also watch the kids receive their donated school supplies.

Here is what the girls had to say about their experience.

Desiree Araya a human service major at Cal State Fullerton expressed that “Being at Higher Ground is allowing me to strive to do community service within my local community. My favorite part of working at the Higher Ground store was having the opportunity to hang out with the kids.”

Charisma Marquez a Cal State Fullerton senior majoring in Bio-Chemistry said she “loved working with the kids and loved seeing how the Higher Ground kids are learning to manage money through the HG store.” Charisma said she loved not only the excitement the kids had at receiving the supplies but she also loved, "the way it made her sisters excited and seeing how putting together the supplies made her sisters smile.”

Higher Ground is excited for all of the new and great things to come with Tau Theta Pi and we look forward to continue working with them at the Anaheim Halloween Parade.

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