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Meet our summer operational leads!

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

What do you hope to get out of Higher Ground this Summer?

"This summer at Higher Ground, I think the biggest thing I would like is a change in perspective. I believe these kids offer the opportunity to look at life differently and really get outside of your norm. They help you remember what it's like to be as a kid and that everyone is different. It gives me the opportunity to see the world from their point of view. That is not something many people get the opportunity to do.

I am most excited about the kids. I am really excited to form bonds with them and get to know who they are and establish positive relationships with them. I want to see the growth they gain through Higher Ground."

Nick is a junior at Cal State Fullerton. He is studying mechanical engineering and wants to go into the aerospace engineering industry.

“This summer I am most excited to continue to build connections with the kids. Hopefully, I will gain experience engaging and interacting with them. I also want to learn how to deal with problems that arise in the group.”

Michelle will be a senior at Cal State Fullerton the following school year finishing her degree in Human Services. She aspires to be a youth counselor.

"I was an intern last spring, and this summer I am excited to watch the kids continue to have a great time. I know they like activities even though at first they may be stubborn, but once they start participating you can see they are enjoying themselves. It's very rewarding to see them enjoy the activities. I also hope to be a leader for the youth at Higher Ground and to be their motivation to keep going with their education. My goal is to inspire and show them they can make it to college.”

Mauricio was an intern for Higher Ground this past Spring and decided to continue on through the summer. He graduated in Spring with a degree in human services from Cal State Fullerton. He hopes to one day be a social worker.

"I'm most excited to grow closer to the kids and better understand their backgrounds. My goal is to help our kids at Higher Ground realize there are other ways to cope with challenges they face."

Riley is going to be a junior at Cal State Fullerton this fall. She is studying theatre arts and aspires to have a successful career when she is finished with school.

"This summer at Higher Ground I hope to grow as a leader. I want to connect with the kids from my community and impact their lives."

Francisco is a recent graduate from UCI where he double majored in political science and criminology. He hopes to become a police officer. Francisco was also an intern for Higher Ground this past spring. You can find him leading the 6-8th grade boys or practicing dance moves with our younger groups during our dance time activities.

"I am most excited about getting to know the kids better. I am already getting attached to them and it's only been a week. Sometimes, they don't pay attention but you get attached to them because you can see the potential in every one of them. My goal at Higher Ground is to inspire the kids to see there are people with similar backgrounds and the same ethnicities in professional positions. I want to be an influence so they don't go off track to make bad decisions. I want to influence them so they can stay on track and follow their dreams. "

Andrew recently graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in political science. Andrew aspires to be a lawyer and plans to attend law school.

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