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When I grow up I want to...

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

University of San Francisco nursing students helped our Higher Ground youth create vision boards to spark thoughts around their future.

Because of the challenges the at-risk youth in Anaheim face, there is not always space to contemplate future career, travel or character possibilities. Our goal at Higher Ground is to change this and use educational and fun activities to open up their world.

Throughout the school year and summer, we partner with USF and on any given week this summer you could find many USF nurses interacting with our kids. This activity involved magazines, construction paper and a little bit of creativity to help Higher Ground kids finish the statement, "When I grow up I want too..."

Our youth were challenged to think about what type of character they hope to have; if they want to be loving, caring or hardworking. They were also asked what type of pets they would like to own, places they would like to visit as well as jobs they would like to have.

We were excited to see our kids contemplate these questions. As you can see from the photos below, our HG kids are thinking about being actors, designers, vets and so much more. Check out this photo gallery to see more of their future dreams.

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