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speaking engagements

Need some inspiration? Invite Higher Ground Founder Joe Baldo to speak at your next event, class, or group meeting.

Joe has gained a unique, powerful perspective on life, his calling, and the human potential along his journey to establishing Higher Ground. Part of his newfound purpose is to share the lessons he’s learned in the hopes of inspiring others to utilize their talents to serve and uplift those around them.

Joe is available to speak to a variety of audiences on several topics, including:

Elementary School Students
Joe talks to these young audiences about what integrity, honesty, self-respect, and

respect for others mean and looks like through actions. Joe introduces these students

to the importance of setting goals, including the impact education can have on their

success. Joe emphasizes the importance of being committed to school by encouraging

regular attendance, being attentive in class, and completing assigned homework.


High School Students
Joe engages these students by encouraging them to think about their long-term goals

and the steps they need to take now in order to achieve them. He emphasizes the concept

of integrity, which he interprets as doing the right thing, especially when no one’s watching.

He also stresses the importance of following through on school commitments – which can

ultimately help these students secure their future.

Other Audiences
Joe is also available to share his story with many other audiences as well, including church groups, social organizations, fraternities, professional associations, and more. His goal is to inspire people by recounting his journey – from his career and search for ministry to his discovery of the great need that existed for at-risk youth in Anaheim and Santa Ana.


For more information or to request a speaking engagement with Joe Baldo, contact

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