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Carlos Hernández

Carlos Hernández is the son of migrant parents from Jalisco, Mexico. He was born in Detroit, Michigan and moved to San Fernando Valley, California and then to Anaheim, California, where he had an impactful educational experience as a student in the Anaheim Union High School District. So much so that he was determined to return back to his community in order to help build further progress. In 1999, he returned to the Anaheim Union High School District after graduating from UCLA with a degree in Mathematics and was hired as a math teacher. From 1999 through 2005 he taught Math, facilitated the Mathematical Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA), and took on leadership roles such as the Title I Program Specialist at Sycamore Junior High School. He also coached baseball and football at Anaheim High School during those same years.

Carlos was hired as an assistant principal at Savanna High School in November of 2005. Within the capacity as an assistant principal, he grew as an instructional leader and fostered his understanding of the critical role that relationships play with staff, students, parents and community members in order to improve student achievement.

In May of 2011, Carlos was given the opportunity to become the principal at South Junior High School, where he served until June, 2015. He then continued serving his community as the principal of Savanna High School until December 2017. He was appointed as the Director of Guidance and Student Services which has since blended into his current position, Director of Curriculum and Instruction in the Anaheim Union High School District.

Carlos Hernández
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