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Fransisco Fonseca

Francisco Fonseca, born in Guadalajara Mexico, came to the United States at 8 years old, and was raised in Inglewood California. Francisco, experienced in running various companies, had his Automotive since 1985. He had an Honorable Discharge after his draft in the Vietnam War and a tour in Korea.
Aside from his involvement in several charities over the last 20 years, he has been a supporter of Eli Home for abused children and their mothers, where he received the great honor of man of the Year in 2013 by the Eli Home for his contributions.
His time on the Board of American Family Housing came to a conclusion after a few years, after which he was introduced to Joe Baldo. His long-standing dream of helping kids came to fruition when he was asked to be on the board of Higher Ground.

Fransisco Fonseca
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