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Youth sports

​Thanks to a grant from the Orange County Youth Sports Foundation, Higher Ground created a summer baseball and softball league. Our summer leagues focus on teaching kids baseball mechanics but most importantly the life skills that come along with it like teamwork, patience, and communication.

At Higher Ground, we work to instill strong interpersonal skills in the local youth, as well as a sense of responsibility to themselves and those around them. One way to accomplish this goal is to engage with them through various team sports, which provide multiple opportunities for these youth to learn teamwork, accountability and achievement, all while experiencing the positive effects of a healthy, active lifestyle.


Higher Ground’s future facility will include several playing fields for these sports activities, as well as a clubhouse where all are welcome to participate in various games and creative activities. In addition, youth will be paired with a mentor who can provide them with personal assistance, guidance, education, and training.


For more information about getting involved as a Higher Ground coach or volunteer, please contact

Youth Baseball League 

Youth Soccer League


Higher Ground recently began a soccer program to enrich our youth sports program with one of the most popular global sports. This program teaches critical character-building skills like sportsmanship and teamwork and is available to all ages in the program. 



Youth Basketball

Our youth basketball program recently gave us the opportunity to provide an avenue for young athletes to choose three major outlets for sports enthusiasm. This program mirrors our overall youth sports philosophy and focuses' on character building through team play. 

PLayground Sports

For our future athletes in the younger age range, we have developed some starter programs to get kids involved in physical fitness. In conjunction with our nutrition program, these playground sports serve to facilitate the development of better health and wellness. The activities are fun, engaging, and begin to build teamwork and positive habits at a young age. The playground sports program includes kickball, dodge ball, handball, capture the flag, hopscotch, jump rope and more.

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