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Who We Are

This is Higher Ground

Community centered programs and services are at the heart of everything we do. Please take a moment to watch our informational video and get to know our philosophy, programs and community partners.  


Core Values

youth and mentors at summer camp


This is the power behind our efforts — to utilize positive feedback and encouragement as motivation.  Our 4:1 ratio of youth to mentor ensures that everyone gets special attention.  In-person activities
with our youth
create personal acknowledgement for everything they do, say and contribute.  Words of affirmation are critical. Great mentors lead and inspire. 

youth being taught CPR at a family health day


Based on the foundation of leading with a

hands-on approach, our enrichment activities are based on core competencies that target behaviors and skills necessary for successful adulthood. We teach so others become the best they can be with a focus on sustainable long term success. 

youth working with nursing students


Be prepared. At Higher Ground this means ensuring that our youth are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to accomplish what we ask of them.  There is no sink or swim here. We provide the tools but also demonstrate how to use them. 

youth at beach day


Empowerment is preparation so that we can let our youth fly on their own. Our mentors' goal is to allow all our youth to branch out independently and use all the tools they’ve been taught to thrive and accomplish their own goals. 

Our Mission

Engaging the entire person to facilitate exploration and discovery of life's possibilities through mentorship. Expanding purpose, possibilities, and hope for youth and families.

Our Vision

Higher Ground was founded with a mission of expanding purpose, possibilities, and hope for youth and families living in under-resourced communities.  

To prepare for lifelong learning, resilience, and socio-economic stability, Higher Ground focuses its programs and services on social-emotional learning by surrounding youth with caring and competent mentors and by providing a space for youth to develop competencies that will assist them in transitioning to healthy and successful adulthood. 

Parent programs rely on the community's expressed needs and emphasize healthy communication and parenting skills, along with an abundance of positive resources that enhance the family unit. 

youth working with mentor in the garden
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